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Specializing in purchases, sales and servicing endoscopic equipment and devices globally.

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At Panamera Medical Solutions, we take great pride in offering an outstanding service to both our customers and partners.

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About Us

What we can do for you:


Economically upgrade your endoscopic equipment and replace your older devices to maintain the performance and excellence of service your clients demand.

We deal in a vast array of flexible endoscopes and video systems. 

Examples include:

  • Gastroscope

  • Colonoscope

  • Bronchoscope

  • Cystoscope

  • Duodenoscope

  • Hysteroscope

  • Rhinolaryngoscope

  • Ureteroscope

  • Ultrasound scopes

  • Video Systems (Processor and Light Source)

Trade-In and Buy-Back programs

Your older equipment has value to our international clients. Our global reach means Panamera Medical can find a highly motivated buyer to take new ownership of your unneeded endoscopy equipment.

Get in Touch

Looking to purchase, sell or have your endoscope serviced? 

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